WWE Friday Night SmackDown: Spoilers for December 26th, 2014

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WWE.com: 10 Superstars who would have been perfect for The Attitude Era

As WWE’s New Generation Era faded and The Attitude Era began to take hold at the tail end of 1997, the longtime pillars of WWE — Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart — finally crumbled. By the start of ’98, the “Hit Man” was already trudging through a depressing run in WCW while HBK had left the ring for an extended hiatus. Other Superstars would step up, but no one truly stepped into the spots they left behind.

Dolph Ziggler — with his ability to shift between the arrogance of Michaels and the grit of Hart — would have been the man to fill both of these vacant roles. Part mat-wrestling badass, part hip-swiveling heartthrob, The Showoff could have joined DX or warred against them and been completely awesome either way. Besides, what Superstar outside of Ziggler shows so much attitude in everything they do? The answer is no one. Everyone else just wishes they could pull it off.

WWE.com Exclusive: Dolph Ziggler on Becoming “The Man” in WWE

Rolling Stone: WWE Wrestler of the Year – Dolph Ziggler

There was no obvious, unanimous choice for 2014’s WWE Wrestler of the Year. Daniel Bryan was unable to follow through on the tremendous momentum he carried into – and out of – WrestleMania 30, thanks to a succession of nagging injuries. CM Punk bowed out of the business altogether. Babyface heir-apparent Roman Reigns hit the shelf with a hernia, although he was still months from maturing into the marquee guy.

Fellow former Shield brothers Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins both benefitted from massive pushes, but neither has found a feud that fully exploits their magnetism and talent. Upstart heels Bray Wyatt and Rusev continue honing their personas, but both seem a year away from putting it all together. Current World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar humbled the Undertaker and pummeled John Cena (who, in fairness, had nothing short of a solid and steadying 12 months), but has otherwise been largely in absentia. So when the dust settles from that pile-on of competitors, who’s left standing? Much like at Survivor Series, the answer is Dolph Ziggler.

And that’s no coincidence, nor is acknowledging him as our pick for WWE Wrestler of the Year some kind of pat recognition. The 34-year-old former amateur standout (real name: Nicholas Nemeth) has ridden a succession of waves to near prominence since debuting as Spirit Squad member Nicky circa early 2006. That includes runs as U.S., Intercontinental, Tag Team and World Heavyweight Champion. (Memorably, he damn near tore the roof off New Jersey’s Izod Center after snagging the latter belt for a second time, making his eventual face turn fait accompli.)

But as his peers rose and fell, ping-ponged up and down the card (how are ya, Cesaro?) and/or dipped out for a hush-hush repackaging throughout ’14, Ziggler emerged as a stabilizing figure for fans to latch onto. Despite several years portraying different shades of heel (his Twitter handle remains evidence of that tendency), it’s hard to imagine where Raw and SmackDown’s good-guy contingencies would be right now without his omnipresent heroics. Not just by taking storyline stands against Triple H and the Authority, but via kicking ass and, indeed, stealing the show against the likes of preeminent villains Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Kane time and time again – even when getting his ass kicked. Never has Ziggler’s utility as simultaneously extraordinary enhancement talent and singularly gifted main-event athlete – when asked to, the guy could be either Shawn Michaels or Marty Jannetty – been more essential to the brand’s weekly entertainment value. Continue reading

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