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S.I. Live: WWE superstars read children’s book for students on Staten Island

Wrestling fans got the chance to let out their inner superstar during a WWE event for school children at the Todt Hill Community Center in Castleton Corners Thursday morning.

The wrestlers also signed autographs and helped the kids create their own wrestling persona — crafting masks and coming up with a wrestling superpower. WWE partnered with First Book to provide copies of the story read by the wrestlers on Thursday — “Nino Wrestles the World” — for students to take home. Books were also donated to the JCC for incoming students. “Any opportunity that we get to bring entertainment that the children love to their territory is a good thing,” said Denise Taylor, JCC program director. “They may not have the funds to go see that entertainment so to bring it to them is great — it makes them feel special,” she added. For Elijah Glover, 8, and his twin brother, Isaiah, meeting the WWE superstars was a dream come true, even if they weren’t the brothers’ favorite wrestler, John Cena. “It was so much fun,” said Elijah.

After the reading, Ziggler and the Bellas helped the children craft masks and come up with their own wrestling superpower and character names. “It was an amazing time,” Ziggler said. As for the wrestler’s superpower choice, Ziggler and Nikki Bella said they’d choose invisibility, while Brie said that her superpower would be to save the planet. When her sister questioned if that was actually a superpower, Ziggler was ready with an answer. “Anything can be a superpower,” he said.

Thursday’s appearance on Staten Island was part of multiple WWE events being held across the city this weekend promoting SummerSlam, which will be live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Sunday.


Savage Henry: Stealing the Show – The Dolph Ziggler Interview

Savage Henry: Stealing the Show – The Dolph Ziggler Interview

As an 11 year veteran of the WWE and an aspiring stand-up comic, Dolph Ziggler was the perfect fit for the Savage Henry Wrestling issue. Ziggler’s wrestling persona has gone through several phases over his career and led to him being one of the most talked about – and possibly, most underrated – athletes in professional wrestling today. In the ring, Ziggler is a cocky show-off. But outside of the ring, in a one-on-one setting, he shows himself to be humble, hardworking, and very self-aware. I talked to Ziggler about his role in the WWE, his stand-up comedy and his plans for the future.

Isaac Kozell: 2014 was a big year for you. You were sole survivor for the second time in your career and were named Wrestler of the Year by Rolling Stone. How do you feel 2015 is treating you so far?
Dolph Ziggler:
2015 is actually going pretty well. A lot of this business is timing and luck. There are hundreds – maybe thousands – in the world who are better than me, yet here I am 11 years later, just a step outside that coveted gold circle, fighting for my career every step of the way. It’s not always about wins and losses, but winning two Survivor Series matches is something I will never forget.

IK: I imagine that you rarely have breaks in your schedule. Give me a Reader’s Digest version of your daily routine.
I measure my time off in hours. Usually 36-40 a week at home. Friday morning [I] fly out to show. Land. Get rental car. Find food. Find a gym. Find food to go, get to arena. Do show. Drive on to the next town and repeat until Wednesday morning. That day I fly home, only to fly out Friday morning again. It’s nonstop and there’s no off season. We never stop! WWE does over 300 live events a year and that’s not counting charity events and outside appearances.

IK: Which city has the best wrestling fans?
The best fans for me are all of the East Coast and the very West Coast. But so many cities are unique. That’s what makes this job so great. You may have a plan, but things change all the time. That’s where being a ring general and having improv skills take over. It’s my fav. I will never forget that without these fans I would have to get a real job. I thank them whenever I can.

IK: At the time of this interview, you’re working in the UK. I also just saw that you’ll be in Malaysia next month. What kind of response do you get from non-North American fans? Do they connect with your character?
At the end of the day, even if you are in a brand new market and no one knows what a WWE show is, the bottom line is to entertain and put smiles on faces. All fans are different, but it’s supply and demand. If we only get to your country once in a while, it’s gonna be a hot crowd!

IK: You’ve been wrestling since high school. At 34, how is your body holding up?
I’ve actually been wrestling since five years old. The first time I saw a WWE show, I told my dad I wanted to start wrestling. At five, I wrestled once or twice a week. It became much more vigorous and nonstop going into high school and all through college. I’m 34, and except for two concussions and some teeth knocked out, I’ve had no serious injuries. I’ve been very fortunate. Several other superstars have had countless injuries and taken time off, but I have not. I think I’ve missed maybe 3 weeks in almost 11 years – because of said concussions – which is probably the least amount of time of any WWE superstar ever … that’s been here for 11 years. Google it. (Laughs) My body holds up because of my core workouts. I have been circuit training and intense cardio training since college, years before CrossFit became a thing. Continue reading

theUrbanWire: Dolph Ziggler – The Endearing Showoff

theUrbanWire: Dolph Ziggler – The Endearing Showoff

The cell phone of a wrestler rang. “Hey, your name’s gonna be David Diggler. What do you think about that?” A nervous Nick Nemeth reeled at the possibility of making his WWE Raw re-debut with that appalling name. “Honestly, I think it’s awful,” recounts the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star to a group of enthralled local reporters, including UrbanWire during our roundtable interview.

This is the story of how we met Dolph Ziggler and ended up being taught a lesson, albeit in the kindest way possible. But first, what’s the deal with that strange name?
In town to publicise WWE Live in Singapore, which will take place on July 2, Dolph Ziggler (Nicholas Theodore Nemeth) is considered one of World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) most renowned personalities in recent times. In 2014, Rolling Stone named him WWE Wrestler of the Year, 9 years after first appearing on-screen as Chavo Guerrero’s sidekick. Nicknamed “The Showoff”, he’s been crowned United States Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and even World Heavyweight Champion all within a decade of pro wrestling… and he was almost called David Diggler. He had a grand total 15 minutes to send his boss the ring names he preferred. Family and friends were texted with a desperate “Send me all you’ve got!” and creative juices were wearing thin. He eventually came up with a final shortlist of 3 (not that he remembered the other 2).

It had to be Diggler at the back, so I sent in “Dolph” because my great grandfather’s name was Rudolph and I was a Dolph Lundgren fan. So I’m like, ‘Okay this will work, it’s a D name, and the 2 other ones I don’t even remember now,” he recollects as he lounges on the sofa at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront, his muscular legs crossed. “And then I showed up at work and instead of Dolph Diggler, it was Dolph Ziggler!” Not really feeling it, he protested for a more “real-person name”. To which, he was rejected flat. “So he says nope, it’s different, it stands out, it’s gonna grow on you. That’s it, conversation over,” he shrugs. “It scared me but he was right. It’s a weird name but people know it now so I’m used to being called Dolph.” Even his grandma calls him that, apparently. What about being nicknamed The Showoff? The ripped 6’0’’ American gives off a confident aura but that can’t be mistaken for arrogance. Before the roundtable interview commenced, a fellow reporter beside us had issued a statement of journalistic intent to Nemeth: “We’re going to ask you questions you’ve never heard before”. “Bring it!” he’d grinned. “I’ve been through a lot of interviews so show me what you got.” Continue reading

Dolph chats with AsiaOne Sports

Dolph Ziggler has a political science degree, but wrestling is and always will be his first love
A career in competitive sport was never on the cards for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star Dolph Ziggler, who was a record- breaking champion wrestler in his high school and college days. The 34-year-old American had always wanted to be more of an entertainer. “I’ve always seen myself as more of a performer than an athlete,” says Ziggler, whose real name is Nick Nemeth.
“From young, I had always wanted to be telling jokes and have people laughing and looking at me
.” In fact, his instincts for show business extend beyond the wrestling ring – he is also a part-time stand-up comedian.

He was in town to promote WWE Live Singapore at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on July 2. The show will feature Ziggler and the likes of John Cena, Rusev and Chris Jericho.
As much as he claims to enjoy the spotlight being on him, the blond, blue-eyed native of Arizona is a far cry from his brash and attention-seeking wrestling ring persona as The Showoff.
When he joined WWE in 2004, his trainer told him he had the makings of a natural “bad guy” before he knew that there were such roles. He was WWE’s heavyweight champion between 2012 and 2013, and is now learning to be a “good guy” after defeating The Authority, a villainous group on the show under the wrestler Triple H. Given all these good-guy-bad-guy narratives, not to mention predetermined winners and rehearsed stunts, the WWE matches are obviously not meant to be taken as serious athletic competition. But he maintains that there is an element of unpredictability because of the risks involved. “It’s a show, but not all a show,” he says. “People get hurt every day and some go away for 10 months to get major surgery done. That’s a very normal thing in our business. The risk is very great.”

He recently had 12 stiches removed from a scar on his forehead, the result of an attempted headbutt on fellow wrestler Sheamus Farrelly earlier this month.
I’ve had some scars. My teeth have been knocked out and nose broken a couple of times, but other than that, I’ve been very fortunate with injuries,” says the 1.82m-tall, 100kg wrestler, who will meet fans at Shaw House tonight at 7pm. Another thing that is real: rivalries. Ziggler, Rolling Stone magazine’s Wrestler of the Year last year, does not deny that there are wrestlers he is not chummy with. Continue reading

Hot 93.3’s Zann Interviews WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler

103.7 KVIL’s Kory Chats with WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler

We are just a week removed from an epic Wrestlemania 31 and WWE Smackdown is taking over American Airlines Center in Dallas tonight!

I have been a huge WWE fan for many years and was stoked to sit down with one of my favorite WWE Superstars Dolph Ziggler. We talked about his amateur wrestling background, his favorite wrestlers, the “fakeness” of professional wrestling, and about Wrestlemania 32 coming to AT&T Stadium next April!


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