Behind the Site was built in December of 2014 in hopes to show our support for the extremely talented Dolph Ziggler. It is ran by two lovely ladies, who just happen to be sisters. If that’s got you curious, check out a little more info on each of us below. 🙂

  • Meet Angela

    Hey people! I’m Angela, Ang to pretty much everyone. I was born in the summer and raised in North Carolina. Southern girl and a fan of wrestling for so long that it’s pretty much burned into my DNA. I feel like it is truly a part of who I am, one of the few things in my life that has always been there. It’s given me great memories and even greater friends, I can’t think of my life without it. Aside from that, I am a full time fan girl. I’m also a music and a television show junkie and an avid football fan. I enjoy writing and I love web and graphic design.

    Faves: Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Triple H, Dean Ambrose, The New Day, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Wade Barrett, Tyler Breeze, Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Paige, Bayley, Sasha Banks.

  • Meet Carol

    In the words of Santino: How you doin’ good lookin’ people?! Ha! So yeah, my name is Carol; Born and raised in the foothills of North Carolina, I am a southern gal at heart. I have been a life long wrestling fan, beginning as young as four years-old thanks to my mom and aunt. Wrestling has been that one constant throughout my entire life and has, like many fans, gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life. Wrestling is such a huge part of who I am, that I honestly don’t want to imagine who I might be without it. For those that know me know that I am as equally passionate as I am snarky. And in addition to being a wrasslin’ fan, I’m also an avid fan of music and a serial watcher of television shows. I also love football and hockey, including to that nerdy stuff they call web and graphic design.

    Faves: Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Triple H, Dolph Ziggler, Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Wade Barrett, Cesaro, The Usos, Sami Zayn, Roman Reigns, Lana, Natalya, AJ Lee and Paige.