Clash of Champions 2017 Results and Photos

Baron Corbin vs. Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler – United States Championship Match
The story of the match early on was Roode was at a disadvantage. Crowd was really into everyone early. Corbin accidentally nailed Zigger to eliminate him from the equation for a bit. Roode and Corbin battled. Ziggler jumped on Roode for the Zig Zag but it was avoided. Roode tried to come off the ropes but Ziggler avoided it and nailed the Famouser. Corbin broke it up at the last second. Corbin nailed each competitor with clotheslines but was nailed by Ziggler with a dropkick. Corbin nailed Deep Six on Roode, who got his shoulder up at the last second. Crowd chanted for Roode. Corbin placed Roode on the top but was fought off. Ziggler pounced and attempted the superplex but Corbin slipped under him to nail a powerbomb at the same time for a Tower of Doom spot. Good stuff so far with a lot of hard work.

Lots of back and forth big spots and near falls. Ziggler nearly scored the pin with a DDT out of a Glorious DDT attempt. The crowd is super into all the near falls. Corbin tossed Dolph over the top. He charged Roode, who ducked and Corbin went over the top. Roode nailed the Glorious DDT on Ziggler and tossed Corbin to the floor again, but Corbin pulled him out of the ring as he attempted to get the pin. Corbin nailed the chokeslam into the backbreaker on the floor. Corbin tossed Roode back into the ring and was going for End of Days but Ziggler caught him with the Zig Zag mid-move and scored the surprise pin.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

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