Monday Night RAW: Results and Photos for May 4th, 2015

King Barrett & Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler & Neville
The match begins with Sheamus distraction Ziggler so Barrett can jump him from behind, Barrett places Ziggler along the top rope to pound on his back. Barrett gets Ziggler off the top rope by punting him in the midsection, Ziggler gains control by catching Barrett with a leaping DDT for a near fall. Barrett rolls outside of the ring as we go to commercial, the match resumes with Sheamus holding Ziggler in a chin lock. Ziggler breaks free and he runs right into the Irish Curse Backbreaker, Sheamus taunts Ziggler and Ziggler makes him pay by landing a superkick.

Ziggler tags in Neville and Neville cleans house on Barrett after he tagged in, Neville knocks Barrett out of the ring before landing a suicide dive. Neville brings Barrett into the ring to hit him with a springboard drop kick and standing shooting star press, Barrett recovers by kicking Neville in the rib cage. Neville avoids a Bull Hammer by nailing Barrett with a German suplex, Ziggler tackles Sheamus and they stumble to the arena floor. Sheamus winds up tossing Ziggler into the time keepers area, Neville sets Barrett up for the Red Arrow. Neville winds up getting distracted by Sheamus and Barrett nails him with a Bull Hammer for a three count.

Winners: King Barrett & Sheamus