WWE Fastlane 2015: Results and Photos

WWE Fastlane 2015: Results and Photos

Ryback, Erick Rowan, and Dolph Ziggler vs. Big Show, Kane and Seth Rollins
After a brief hiccup, we rejoin this match in progress. Kane and Rowan are in the ring. Kane shoves Rowan into the corner and eats a back elbow, then a leaping back elbow from the middle rope. Kane pushes Rowan into the corner and tags out to Show who comes in with a series of blows to Rowan. Show whips Rowan into the corner, but runs right into a big boot. Rowan charges Show, but is tossed over the top rope. Show follows, but he’s pushed into the ring post by Rowan. Rowan scares off J and J Security, but when he goes to kick Show, Show ducks and Rowan’s leg connects with the ring post. Show tosses Rowan into the ring, kicking his leg before making his way into the ring. Show drops and elbow on Rowan’s leg, then does it again. Show picks up Rowan and slams him down to the mat. Show continues to attack the leg, kicking the back of Rowan’s knee before tagging out to Kane. Kane comes in and stomps away at Rowan repeatedly, driving him into the corner and continuing the assault on Rowan’s leg. Kane pulls Rowan back to his own corner, then tags out to Rollins. Rollins comes in and kicks at Rowan’s leg before locking Rowan in a submission hold. Rowan grabs Rollins’ hair to break the hold, and he pushes Rollins away, but Rollins connects with a big boot, and a blockbuster from the middle rope for a two count.

Rollins gets in a couple more stomps before tagging out to Show, who comes in and kicks Rowan in the face. Show locks in a weird leg lock, catching Rowan in a submission in the middle of the ring. Show breaks the hold, and picks Rowan up to his feet. Show tries for a chokeslam, but Rowan counters with a DDT. Show tags Rollins, who comes in and dropkicks Ziggler from the apron and laughs at Ryback. Rollins turns around into a big spinning back kick from Rowan. Rowan makes the tag to Ryback, who comes in and takes Rollins from corner to corner, slamming him in before connecting with a Thesz press. Ryback misses a splash, but he’s able to counter a curb stomp and slam Rollins to the mat. Ryback connects with a meathook clothesline on Kane, and he almost connects with shellshock on Rollins before he’s distracted by J and J. Rollins connects with a superkick, and he goes for the pin, but Ryback kicks out at two. Rollins rolls out to the apron and goes up to the top rope, but Ryback’s on his feet. Rollins leaps over Ryback and goes across the ring and to the middle rope. Ryback catches Rollins and hits the shellshock, but Show is in out of nowhere and he splashes Ryback. Both men are down.

Ryback and Rollins make the tag to Ziggler and Kane. Ziggler dropkicks Big Show, and pushes Kane into Show, knocking him from the apron. Ziggler avoids a side slam, and Ziggler connects with a superkick. Ziggler hits Rollins with the fameasser, and he mounts Kane in the corner for a series of punches. Show knocks out Ziggler from the floor, while he’s on Kane in the corner, and Kane connects with a chokeslam, pinning Ziggler for three.

Winners: Kane, Seth Rollins and Big Show

After the Match: The Authority celebrate after the match, and Rollins connects with a curb stomp on Ziggler. Ryback and Rowan come in and Ryback gets a double chokeslam from Show and Kane, while Rowan gets a curb stomp from Rollins. Everyone pulls Ryback into position, but they’re interrupted by Randy Orton. Orton comes into the ring and hits J and J with RKO’s, and he catches Rollins coming into the ring. Orton tries to hit the suspension DDT, but Show pulls him out of the ring. Orton hits Kane with an RKO, and he tosses Rollins’ MITB briefcase up the entranceway. Rollins runs off through the crowd like he’s seen a ghost. He runs all the way to the garage, where it looks like he’s leaving the arena.

Thursday Night SmackDown: Results and Photos for February 19th, 2015

Thursday Night SmackDown: Results and Photos for February 19th, 2015

Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins

They lock up and Rollins with a wrist lock. Rollins with a hammer lock but Ziggler with a reversal and Rollins gets to the ropes and apron. Rollins gets back into the ring and Rollins with a side head lock and take down. Rollins with a shoulder tackle but Ziggler with a hip toss and drop kick. Ziggler misses a Stinger Splash when Rollins moves out of the way. Rollins kicks Ziggler and we go to commercial. We are back and Big Show and Kane have come to ringside during the commercial break along with Ryback and Erik Rowan. Rollins with a head lock but Ziggler with punches. Ziggler lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt. Rollisn with a hot shot to Ziggler and he gets a near fall. Rollins with a short arm clothesline. Rollins with a second short arm clothesline. Ziggler avoids a third short arm clothesline and then both men go for a cross body and both men go down.

Ziggler with a Vigilante Stinger Splash but Rollins avoids the neck breaker and he sends Ziggler into the corner. Rollins misses a Vigilante Stinger Splash when Ziggler moves and Ziggler with a Vigilante Stinger Splash and neck breaker. Ziggler with the leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Ziggler with a kick but he misses the Fameasser. Ziggler with an O’Connor Roll for a near fall. Ziggler with a backslide for a near fall. Rollins with a back heel kick to stop Ziggler. Ziggler tries for the Hesitation DDT but Rollins counters and tries for a buckle bomb but Ziggler counters with a sunset flip and a near fall. Ziggler with a Fameasser for a near fall. Rollins with an elbow while in the ropes. Ziggler sends Rollins to the apron and then Ziggler with a drop kick to knock Rollins off the apron. Rollins pushes Rowan and slaps Ryback on the floor. Rollins backs up only to have Ziggler hit a running forearm to the head. Ziggler sends Rollins into the corner. Ziggler goes for yet another Vigilante Stinger Splash but Rollins moves and Ziggler lands on the turnbuckles. Kane gets on the apron but Ziggler punches him. Rollins catches Ziggler off the turnbuckles and Rollins with a Buckle Bomb followed by Black Out for the three count.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the match: Show gives Rollins the briefcase and he holds it over his head. Joey and Jamie come out to celebrate with Seth. Seth says that there is one thing left to do because there are five of us and three of them. They move to the ring while Ryback and Rowan send Ziggler to the apron for safety but Ziggler falls to the floor.

WWE invades the 2015 Academy Awards


‘Zig-Man’ or (‘The Unexpected Virtue of Showing Off’)
He’s a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, a four-time Intercontinental Champion and a former Mr. Money in the Bank. Yet, to many of his staunchest critics, he’s best known as “Zig-Man,” WWE’s brash and often outspoken Showoff takes to social media to vent his frustrations with management — namely The Authority. As he continues to bang his head against a glass ceiling in his latest career endeavor, can Ziggler finally prove his detractors wrong and steal the show at WrestleMania?

Source: WWE.com

Thursday Night Smackdown: Spoilers for February 19th, 2015

Click on the “Show” button below to read what Dolph will be up to on this weeks Thursday Night SmackDown!

Spoilers Inside Show

Monday Night RAW: Results and Photos for February 16th, 2015

Monday Night RAW: Results and Photos for February 16th, 2015

Seth Rollins comes to the ring with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble and he has something to say. Seth mentions that today is President’s Day. It is a day to honor the people of the past. That is a waste of time when the living, breathing, embodiment of the future is standing in front of you. Seth says future is a word that is starting to become a little passé. Right now, he is the most talented performer in the entire world. Right now, he is the most valuable asset in the WWE. Seth says that he is untouchable in the ring and there is nothing or no one who could stop him. Seth says he could become president even though he isn’t old enough. He can take over as the host of the Daily Show so it would be watchable. Seth says what he wants to do is cash in the briefcase and become the next WWE Champion. Seth says that he should be main eventing Wrestlemania. Instead he is forced to deal with these people who are so far beneath him and have no business meddling in his affairs. People like Erick Rowan, Ryback, and Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler comes out and he wants to know why Seth is so low. Did he have a bad Valentine’s Day? Did Jamie and Joey get you the wrong chocolate? Did Stephanie tie you into the car seat too tight? Did Hunter sit you down and talk to you about the birds and the bees. Seth says that his jokes are as bad as his career. Dolph says that he is nothing compared to Seth. Especially when it comes to being a whiny protected sell out douche. Dolph says that he is the guy who every time he steps into the ring, he raises the bar of what is the best. He single handedly got rid of the Authority. If he cannot do that again, he will get rid of the self proclaimed future.

Seth Rollins (with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble) versus Dolph Ziggler
They exchange punches before the bell rings and then Ziggler punches Rollins and Seth goes to the floor as we go to commercial.We are back and the match started during the commercial and Rollins with a reverse chin lock. We see footage from the commercial break when Mercury and Noble distract Ziggler to help Rollins. Rollins sends Ziggler to the floor and Mercury and Noble are warned by the referee before they can do anything. Then they are sent to the back.

Rollins goes to the floor and he sends Ziggler into the ringside barrier. Rollins rolls Ziggler back into the ring and Ziggler with an inside cradle for a near fall. Rollins with a clothesline and then he stomps on Ziggler’s chest. Ziggler with a jawbreaker and then Ziggler with an elbow to Rollins. Rollins misses a charge into the corner and Rollins hits the ring post when Ziggler moves. Ziggler with a Vigilante Stinger Splash followed by a neck breaker and a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Rollins blocks a Fameasser and sets for a power bomb but Ziggler with a sunset flip for a near fall. Ziggler with a hesitation DDT for a near fall. Ziggler tries for a Zig Zag but Rollins holds the ropes and Rollins with a drop kick for a near fall. Rollins stomps on Ziggler’s head and then he goes to the apron and up top but Ziggler stops Rollins. Rollins sends Ziggler to the mat. Ziggler moves and Rollins lands on his feet. Ziggler misses a Zig Zag and Rollins misses Black Out. Ziggler with a Zig Zag and Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble break up the cover and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler (by disqualification)

After the match: Ryback and Erick Rowan make their way to the ring and they go after Noble and Mercury. Mercury escapes but Noble falls victim to the spinebuster.

WWE Superstars tour Abu Dhabi

WWE Superstars tour Abu Dhabi

10 photos of Dolph racing around in a hot camaro & chatting with the press in Abu Dhabi have been added into the gallery. I’ve also added photos from their first show in Abu Dhabi as well so be sure to check them out!

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