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When looking at who had the best 2014, it’s easiest to start with the guy who had the worst 2013, right? Dolph Ziggler’s fall from the mountaintop was as abrupt as it was absolute; the guy was World Heavyweight Champion at Easter, yet was taking a giant candy cane to the head from Fandango on Christmas. The Showoff’s 2014 was poised to be a similarly lost affair as late into the year as June, but then something happened: Dolph started winning. Again, and again, and again. His second — no, third — no, fourth — Intercontinental Championship came, plus a star-making spot in the Survivor Series main event, a run of instant-classic matches that should be required viewing at the Performance Center and a spot as the de facto reviver of said Intercontinental Championship.

He credits the WWE Universe for pulling him out of the woods and back toward the main event, but he’s not giving himself enough credit. He always was this good, this was just the year everyone finally realized what it was they were missing. Zig Man!!! — Anthony Benigno

Source: 2014’s most unexpected breakout stars


#1 Dolph Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler didn’t have a chip on his shoulder at the start of 2014 — he had a whole lumberyard. The Showoff couldn’t contain his frustration with the people in charge anymore. “I will not be outshined!” he screamed in a Jan. 31 interview.

Despite a pair of Intercontinental Title reigns, he couldn’t convince the powers that be. So late in 2014 at Survivor Series, Ziggler took out the people who were holding him down. As the only member of his team left standing at Survivor Series against Luke Harper, Kane and Seth Rollins, Ziggler finally shut his critics up. A Zig Zag took Kane out. A roll-up finished Harper. Superkicks stopped J&J Security from interfering before a Zig Zag — and help from Sting — allowed The Showoff to oust The Authority from power.

For a follow-up performance, Ziggler turned that lumberyard on his shoulder into gold by capturing his record-tying third Intercontinental Championship in the same year. Follow that. — Jeff Laboon

Source:’s Top 25 Matches of 2014

#22 Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus vs. Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio — Intercontinental Championship No. 1 Contender’s Fatal 4-Way Match (Raw; March 24)
A mad, forgotten classic among the high-profile matches of 2014, this four-pronged brawl for the right to battle Big E for the Intercontinental Championship is notable for a bittersweet reason: It was Christian’s last match in 2014 and, as of this writing, his last televised match, period. The frenetic bout encapsulates exactly what makes the former World Heavyweight Champion such a seminal WWE talent — his savvy, his chicanery, and his personality are all on display — but the other three didn’t look too shabby, either. Sheamus and Del Rio picked up right where their 2012 mega-rivalry left off, and Dolph Ziggler foreshadowed his late-year renaissance with a Zig Zag to a Cross Armbreaker–locked Sheamus, which took out both guys at once. Of course, it’s Christian who immediately hooked the Killswitch for the win, but nobody came out of this looking like a chump. If Captain Charisma is truly denied his “One More Match,” there are worse ways to go out. — Anthony Benigno

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The JBL (not Cole) Show – Episode 109 “APA 2.0?” 10 Superstars who would have been perfect for The Attitude Era

As WWE’s New Generation Era faded and The Attitude Era began to take hold at the tail end of 1997, the longtime pillars of WWE — Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart — finally crumbled. By the start of ’98, the “Hit Man” was already trudging through a depressing run in WCW while HBK had left the ring for an extended hiatus. Other Superstars would step up, but no one truly stepped into the spots they left behind.

Dolph Ziggler — with his ability to shift between the arrogance of Michaels and the grit of Hart — would have been the man to fill both of these vacant roles. Part mat-wrestling badass, part hip-swiveling heartthrob, The Showoff could have joined DX or warred against them and been completely awesome either way. Besides, what Superstar outside of Ziggler shows so much attitude in everything they do? The answer is no one. Everyone else just wishes they could pull it off.

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