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S.I. Live: WWE superstars read children’s book for students on Staten Island

Wrestling fans got the chance to let out their inner superstar during a WWE event for school children at the Todt Hill Community Center in Castleton Corners Thursday morning.

The wrestlers also signed autographs and helped the kids create their own wrestling persona — crafting masks and coming up with a wrestling superpower. WWE partnered with First Book to provide copies of the story read by the wrestlers on Thursday — “Nino Wrestles the World” — for students to take home. Books were also donated to the JCC for incoming students. “Any opportunity that we get to bring entertainment that the children love to their territory is a good thing,” said Denise Taylor, JCC program director. “They may not have the funds to go see that entertainment so to bring it to them is great — it makes them feel special,” she added. For Elijah Glover, 8, and his twin brother, Isaiah, meeting the WWE superstars was a dream come true, even if they weren’t the brothers’ favorite wrestler, John Cena. “It was so much fun,” said Elijah.

After the reading, Ziggler and the Bellas helped the children craft masks and come up with their own wrestling superpower and character names. “It was an amazing time,” Ziggler said. As for the wrestler’s superpower choice, Ziggler and Nikki Bella said they’d choose invisibility, while Brie said that her superpower would be to save the planet. When her sister questioned if that was actually a superpower, Ziggler was ready with an answer. “Anything can be a superpower,” he said.

Thursday’s appearance on Staten Island was part of multiple WWE events being held across the city this weekend promoting SummerSlam, which will be live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Sunday.


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