Smackdown Live: Results and Video for October 24th, 2017

Backstage: Renee Young is in the interview area with Dolph Ziggler. He says that Renee is going to ask a question that no one cares about and Dolph says he will give a regurgitated answer until he gives his catchphrase. Dolph says maybe it should be Told You So. He said that Bobby was just an entrance and that he cannot hang in the ring with him. Last week, no one listened and he beat Bobby Roode. Bobby Roode shows up and Dolph wants to know what Bobby is smirking at. Dolph says that Bobby thinks since they both beat up Raw, he thinks they are friends.

Bobby says he does not think they are friends. Bobby says he likes to fight and he enjoys fighting Dolph. Since they have one win apiece, why not have one more match to find out who the better man is. Dolph says he beat Bobby once, and he beat him twice. Bobby focuses on twice and he says Dolph is onto something. Bobby suggests a two out of three falls match next week. Dolph accepts the challenge and he asks if Bobby’s ego can take being embarrassed twice in the same night. Dolph leaves and Bobby says that he thinks next week will be absolutely GLORIOUS.

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