Smackdown Live: Results and Photos for October 3rd, 2017

Mike Kanellis versus Bobby Roode
They lock up and Roode with a clean break but it is not Glorious because Kanellis with a kick and punches. Roode with a spinebuster. Roode with the GLORIOUS DDT for the three count.
Winner: Bobby Roode

After the match: Dolph Ziggler comes out and he congratulates Bobby on his huge victory. Ziggler says he is a fan of the whole Roode production. He says he is thinking about some ideas for his entrance on Sunday. Sirens sound and he tells them to cut it off and he goes to the back. Ziggler comes out with a bass drum and he sets off party poppers and noise makers. Ziggler sounds off an air horn. Ziggler says Bobby thinks his entrance is everything. Dolph says you have found a way to weasel your way through the back door into the WWE. Ziggler says he is going to show an entrance you have never seen before. He tells Bobby to bring all of the smoke and mirrors he wants because the bell will have to ring. Dolph says he will expose Bobby for what he is. You are nothing more than an entrance. Bobby takes the mic and he says that Dolph asked him about his entrance and Bobby says it was terrible. Roode says you are doing it all wrong.

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