Smackdown Live: Results and Photos for September 19th, 2017

Dolph Ziggler comes out and he says he has been coming out and exposing the elaborate entrances of these so called superstars who could not lace his boots. Dolph says he is the greatest in ring performer in WWE history, yet you still don’t get it.

Dolph goes to the back and he comes out Dolph comes out to Triple H’s entrance. Dolph asks if that was fun or cool. He asks if he can run NXT now. He says it is harder to spit water than you think. Dolph says he could do something to stop the show.

Dolph then comes out to Shawn Michaels’ music. Dolph says it doesn’t get any more superficial than that. Dolph says he can feel himself losing his smile. Dolph says he can go lower. Dolph comes out to DX’s music and he mocks Billy Gunn. Dolph says he has two words for you . . . Who cares. Who cares about two dads who try to be relevant and coast off into retirement. You don’t care about in ring performance, or lack thereof. You don’t care. Dolph says he is the best ever. Dolph says you couldn’t care less and he does not care about you.

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