Wrestlemania 33 Results and Photos

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Everyone surrounds Braun to start, but he starts tossing people right out of the gate and that ends pretty quick. People are going quick: Kalisto, Simon Gotch, Heath Slater, on of the Usos, Goldust, lots of people going quick. It’s pretty much Big Show and Strowman dominating here. Konnor goes out, and now Show and Strowman turn their attention to each other and everyone else stops to watch. Well, they do until Zayn nails Strowman and everyone else gangs up to try and toss them both. Strowman breaks free and tosses Show, then he tosses Victor and everyone else gangs up to toss Strowman! Wow, that was not expected. The battle royal continues, and now it’s anyone’s game. Curt Hawkins goes out, Ginger Mahal tries to toss Killian Dane without success, and Dolph gets tossed but hangs on and rolls back in to avoid elimination. Ziggler ducks a charge and R-Truth goes out. Ziggler tosses Rhyno, Jason Jordan and Chad Gable both go out, Tyler Breeze and Fandango in rapid succession, and some guy in a blue suit and mask I don’t recognize go. Mark Henry goes, and this is speeding along like the Gimmick Battle Royal at this rate. Okay, I’m calling either Titus O’Neill or Luke Harper wins at this point. We’ll see how I do. Ziggler superkicks Bing to the floor, Sami Zayn uses a Heluva Kick to eliminate Epico, and we’re down to about ten guys left. Ziggler again gets tossed and hangs on, Harper goes to the eyes and tries to boot him out, but Ziggler is hanging on. Mojo Rawley tosses…some guy I didn’t recognize and even the announcers didn’t seem to know. Mojo nails Ziggler with a shoulderblock and eliminates Ziggler as Apollo Crews is tossed.
Winner: Mojo Rawley

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