WWE TLC 2016 Results and Photos

WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler
They started out hot with Miz hitting a catapult over the top, sending Ziggler to the floor. Miz tried to send Ziggler into a ladder in the aisle. Ziggler avoided it and went for a DDT but was shoved off and kicked in the face. Ziggler ran Miz into a ladder on the floor. He worked over Miz on the floor and grinded his face into the steel of the ladder, Ziggler picked up a side of a ladder and tried to slam Miz inside it but Miz escaped and nailed a drop toehold into the ladder. They battled over the ladder outside. Ziggler tried to do the Famouser on a ladder set against the apron but Miz caught him. Ziggler turned it into a DDT onto the ladder, wiping both men out in the process. Back in the ring, Miz drilled Ziggler into the buckles with the ladder. He bridged a ladder across the buckles and set up Ziggler. Dolph knocked him into the ladder. Ziggler came off the buckles with an awesome flying elbow. A ladder was set up and Ziggler tried to climb up. Miz pulled him down but was nailed with a lariat. Dolph ascended the ladder and went for the belt but Miz toppled the ladder and Ziggler crashed into the ropes. Miz drove Ziggler into the corner and drilled him with a ladder. Miz dropkicked the ladder into Ziggler. He began mocking Daniel Bryan’s mannerisms, allowing Ziggler to smash him with the ladder. If they aren’t doing Bryan vs. Miz at Wrestlemania, they really are screwing with people’s hopes and that’s not cool. If they are going in that direction, it’s an awesome build so far.

Ziggler and Miz climbed the ladder and met at the summit, battling back and forth with right hands. Ziggler knocked him down and reached up for the championship belt but Miz recovered, grabbed Ziggler’s leg and slammed it against the ladder. Miz tied Ziggler’s leg up in the ladder and tipped it over. Miz grabbed Ziggler and drove him knee first down into a ladder that was braced against the ropes. There was a sizable “Miz” chant after the spot. Miz set the ladder up on the mat and began beating Dolph’s knee into the ladder. This has been a pretty damn good match thus far. Miz cinched in the figure four leglock, with Ziggler’s leg trapped in one of the rungs of the ladder. Great idea. Miz went for the Skull Crushing Finale. Ziggler tried to fire away with elbow to break free but was finally nailed with the move. Miz went to the top and grabbed the belt but Ziggler pulled the ladder away, leaving Miz hanging in the air. Ziggler drilled him with the ladder. Miz crashed down and rolled out screaming and grabbing at his leg. He did a great job of selling the big bump.

Ziggler recovered and set up the ladder. He pulled himself up the ladder with one leg but Miz, also on one leg, finally stopped him. Miz pulled him down and used a slingshot off the ropes into a powerbomb onto the ladder that was bridged across the buckles. Miz set up two ladders. He pulled himself up on one while Ziggler made his way up on the other. They battled back and forth on the ladder. Ziggler battered him with right hands. Miz still tried in vain to grab at the belt, which was swinging back and forth. Miz crashed down to the mat after a headbutt. Left alone, Ziggler tried to make it to the top and grab the belt but Miz returned and nailed him twice in the nether regions. Ziggler finally crashed down to the mat. Miz pulled down the belt and retained.

Winner: The Miz

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