Monday Night RAW: Results and Photos for July 11th, 2016

Number One Contender Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Title
The bell rings and people pair off. Doph Ziggler is on the apron and Viktor punches Bo. Konnor with a punch to Truth. Swagger punches Corbin while Gotch works over Ziggler. Gotch and English go after Goldust and English is eliminated. We see Bob Backlund watching from ringside so Darren Young is involved. Darren is being lifted by Bubba Ray Dudley for a suplex but he stays in the ring. Konnor is eliminated. Gotch is sent to the apron by Axel and Bubba. Truth punches Del Rio while D-Von punches Gotch. Axel is sent to the apron by Bubba and D-Von knocks him off the apron to eliminate him. Ziggler chokes Del Rio while Truth punches Corbin. D-Von is put on the turnbuckles and Truth is eliminated by Corbin. Viktor punches Corbin and Viktor is sent to the apron and he is punched off the apron to the floor and he is eliminated. Jimmy teases eliminating Jey and that allows them to take care of D-Von.

We go to commercial. We are back and things look a little clearer in the ring due to commercial eliminations. We see Simon Gotch eliminated by Dolph Ziggler and Jey Uso by Bubba Ray Dudley. Ziggler is sent to the apron by Corbin. Goldust punches Del Rio. Goldust is sent to the apron by Del Rio. Del Rio with an enzuigiri to eliminate Goldust. Bo with a side head lock to Crews but Crews eliminates Bo. Crews tries to stop Corbin from helping Bubba eliminate Del Rio. Jimmy is eliminated by Corbin. Swagger is eliminated by Corbin as well. We are down to Baron Corbin, Darren Young, Dolph Ziggler, Bubba Ray Dudley, Apollo Crews, and Alberto Del Rio. Bubba punches Young on the turnbuckles and Young hangs on to teh ropes. Crews with a cross body to Del Rio. Corbin with a boot to Bubba and Young with a forearm to Bubba and he eliminates Bubba. Corbin with Deep Six to Young. Del Rio wtih an enzuigiri to Corbin. Del Rio misses the enzuigiri on Ziggler and Ziggler with a Fameasser. Ziggler sends Del Rio to the apron. Del Rio with a divorce court and a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster. Del Rio goes through the ropes to the apron and Ziggler with a super kick to send Del Rio to the floor, so he is not eliminated. Ziggler is dropped on the turnbuckles.

Corbin punches Del Rio while Del Rio hits a double stomp on Crews. Crews eliminates Del Rio. Ziggler with a super kick and then Ziggler clotheslines Corbin and both men go to the apron. Backlund watches intently from the floor. Ziggler punches Corbin and head butts him. Ziggler is grabbed by Corbin and thrown over the top rope to eliminate him. Crews goes after Corbin but Corbin with an elbow. Crews and Corbin are both eliminated at the same time.

Winner: Darren Young

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